Montana: “Tattle-Tale” monitor tells cops and courts when boozehound on work-release is drinking and doping

From The Missoulian
A new monitoring device is available for the Bitterroot Valley for use in both criminal and civil cases. The 24/7 “Tattle Tale” ankle bracelet has GPS capabilities, as well as alcohol and marijuana sensors.
“It’s an alternative to traditional jails and that kind of thing,” said local franchise owner Bill Buzzell.
“The bottom line is [people] are still able to go out into the community and still make an income. So not only are they being rehabilitated but, let’s face it, the rehabilitation costs money,” said Buzzell’s wife and co-owner, Colleen.
The device costs $12.50 per day as compared to up to $193 per day in a treatment program, according to Department of Corrections data.
The home detention device sends signals to the Buzzells’ computer system with the wearer’s location and levels of alcohol or marijuana in their body. The Buzzells said that constant monitoring promotes behavioral changes better than traditional methods that may only require testing once a day. ….MORE
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