NEBRASKA: Elementary Principal Lee Wolfe got a chance to recite his ABC’s during his DUI arrest; provided a valuable lesson to his son who was in the car.


The principal of an elementary school in Grand Island has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.


Shoemaker Principal Lee Wolfe 38, was arrested by the Central City Police Department on Sunday and taken to the Merrick County Jail on suspicion of DUI with a passenger under the age of 16 (his son) and expired license plates, according to the Merrick County Jail inmate list posted on the Facebook page of the Merrick County Sheriff’s Office.

Wolfe spoke with staff at his school Monday afternoon and sent a message to families in the school.

“I want all Shoemaker families to know I feel terrible about how this reflects upon Shoemaker, Grand Island Public Schools, myself and my family,” Wolfe said. “While I am not at liberty to provide any more details, I do want everyone to know I will do whatever it takes to move forward professionally and personally to restore your trust.” MORE


Wolfe was honored several days before his DUI arrest as the Administrator of the Year!


The principal now experienced in how to deal with miscreants at school – he spent the night in the hoosegow!