New Hampshire: lawmakers consider restricted drivers license for 1st time DWI drivers

From Union Leader
CONCORD – A proposal to let convicted first-time drunk drivers get a “Cinderella” driver’s license is expected to get some tinkering before making it to the House floor.
The bill, filed by House Majority Leader Stephen Shurtleff, D-Penacook, would let a person convicted of driving while intoxicated drive a car during limited hours and for limited purposes – getting to work or substance abuse meetings and taking family members to medical appointments.
A convicted drunk driver’s car would be rigged with a device that would require a positive breath test to start the engine. New technology would transmit a picture to ensure the person taking the breath test is the convicted driver. The car would have a GPS unit that would alert public safety officials if the time and range of the vehicle’s use exceeded limits set by a judge.
Offenders would pay the cost of the device, plus installation and a monthly $80 monitoring fee.
Former Rep. John Tholl of Whitefield, a longtime state trooper who served as deputy Republican whip in the last legislature ….MORE
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