New Hampshire: Mayberry cops would have had enough sense to corral wandering bovine; these silly cops wanted to use their new tasers!

From Nashua Telegraph

PELHAM – When Houdini trotted away from her new owners last weekend, no one thought the cow would be in for the shock of a lifetime.The cow’s owner, Wendy Bordeleau, said a Pelham Police officer inappropriately shot the animal with a Taser multiple times. She has asked Police Chief Joseph Roark to better train officers to deal with similar situations and demanded to see the computer data Tasers store regarding how many times it was fired.“I want them to own up to their mistake, really, and admit that they really shouldn’t have reacted this way,” Bordeleau said.Police said the officer was within his rights and had to consider motorists’ safety.“In my opinion, it was a wise call,” Pelham Police Lt. Gary Fisher said.  ….MORE

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