New Jersey: cop who participated in drunk driving lesson went home and took a 4-wheeler for his own booze cruise

Good advice for cops who want to get a snoot full at the end of this article

New Jersey police officer Joseph B. Gaeta was charged with DWI Thursday after he flipped over a four-wheeler after taking part in a drinking and driving demonstration for officers.
Earlier in the day, Gaeta, 31, participated in a demonstration at the Bergen County Police Academy to help determine a person’s physical impairments when intoxicated. As part of the demonstration, Gaeta performed various sobriety test while sober. He was then asked to consume alcohol and perform the same tests to display an inebriated person’s physical abilities.
At the time of the intoxicated tests, Gaeta was given a breath test, and it was determined his blood alcohol level was .13 percent.
After the demonstration, Gaeta, a patrol officer in Midland Park, was driven home….MORE

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