New Jersey: Kelly Romano pulled the “deaf card” in DUI arrest even though cop communicated with her in writing about a breath test; Judge will rule soon

DUI driving suspects pull the race card, women flash male cops, drunk cops pull the ‘on the job’ bull and others say that they only had one beer…Kelly Romano now claims that the cops don’t know ADA law … perhaps she missed the part about not driving after drinking…its written all over the coasters in her favorite bar! Even deaf people can read!
From Daily Record
— A deaf woman who was charged with drunken driving and refusing to take a breath test wants a judge to dismiss the tickets on grounds police should have called an American sign language interpreter to assist her upon her arrest.
Town Municipal Court Judge Andrew M. Wubbenhorst on Monday conducted a four-hour hearing on whether police had probable cause on May 26 to stop and arrest Kelly Romano, 30, of Maywood, near Johnnie’s Tavern for suspected driving while intoxicated.
Beyond that finding, the judge has the novel task of deciding whether police had a duty to find an American sign language interpreter to assist Romano in understanding the consequences of refusing to take a breath test via the Alcotest machine at headquarters.
Wubbenhorst said he expects to issue a written decision ….MORE
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