New Jersey: Rene A. Berben tossed down at least 10 drinks before putting the pedal to the metal and killing Steve Kennedy in crash; now its off to the slammer for boozehound killer!

Steve Kennedy, who was killed by a drunk Army sergeant out for a night of boozing. 
Kennedy was acting as a designated driver for his firends when he was killed.
Attorney for killer cited his war record when asking for light sentence


WOODBURY — Steve Kennedy headed out into the evening to drive home a few friends who had too much to drink. His good deed cost the 29-year-old Runnemede man his life.
Friday, the man who slammed into Kennedy’s Nissan sedan along Route 41 in Deptford Township on March 19, 2011 was sentenced to six years in prison.
Rene A. Berben, 26, an Army sergeant who served 17 months in Afghanistan, had previously admitted to downing “10 or more” drinks at Taylor’s bar in Monroe Township before getting behind the wheel of his Ford pickup truck. Berben drove approximately 10 miles before slamming into Kennedy’s car near
the Deptford Kmart. ….MORE