New Mexico: 3rd time at bat for DWI was a killing field for Stephanie Mendez


ALBUQUERQUE, NM  – Police said the woman who caused the deadly crash at the Montano entrance to I-25 Tuesday night is not in jail. The woman she hit spoke to News 13 about her close call with death.
Jennifer Westfall and her two little boys are lucky to be alive.
Westfall was driving her minivan on I-25 near Montano last night, when an out-of-control car suddenly appeared in front of her.
“I turned and looked and just saw this car,” said Westfall. “I just slammed on my brakes and as soon as I slammed on my brakes he just came across, and I just hit him, hit the car, just dead-on.”
Police said Stephanie Mendez, the driver of the car, had been drinking with friends at a nearby apartment. She told cops she didn’t remember being behind the wheel. Two of her friends were killed in the crash