New Mexico: lawyer arrested for coaching DWI suspect at traffic stop….no mention of business cards flying thru the air!

From ABQ Journal
Santa Fe criminal defense attorney Aaron Boland has filed a tort-claim notice stating his intention to sue over his June 10 arrest in downtown Santa Fe by a State Police officer who claimed Boland was obstructing a DWI arrest, The New Mexican reported.
Boland, who knew the man who was being arrested on a driving-while-intoxicated charge, said he was just trying to watch the arrest in case he represented the man, identified as Lucas Conley, in court and that the officer became hostile, The New Mexican said.
State Police Officer Ben Lopez, however, wrote in his police report that Boland was interfering with the arrest and later egged on the DWI suspect into “playing games and yanking my chain,” the paper reported….MORE

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