New Mexico: resource center blasts “system” for allowing repeat offenders to escape prison

In New Mexico we continue to see offenders with multiple and multiple DWI arrests and convictions still out there on the roads, getting arrested (again) or worse they have killed innocent people.
How does it happen?
What we know from the research, in order to reduce DWI death and injury is a four –pronged approach (and it works to reduce recidivism):

  1. Detect and Arrest
  2. Fully Prosecute
  3. Sentence to meaningful sanctions
  4. Follow-through to make sure the offenders COMPLETE their sentence.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican on May 25, 2010, Daniel Lefebre was arrested for his 16th DWI. I reviewed Lefebre’s record and found he has actually been arrested 19 times.  What most concerns me is there are many more offenders out there just like Lefebre.    MORE

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