New Mexico: will continue to have serious DWI problems as long as idiots like this are prosecutors…and folks will not respect the law

This New Mexico District Attorney, Lemuel Martinez, was interviewed by KOB News as to why he failed to charge a New Mexico State Police officer with reckless endangerment of his child, who was in the vehicle with him when he was arrested for DWI….this is this idiot’s response….you can’t make this stuff up….

From KOB
District Attorney Lemuel Martinez told KOB his office requires more proof for child endangerment. Because Barde was pulled over based on a call to a drunk driving hotline and the officer did not see his vehicle serve, the child endangerment charge was not included. Martinez says the charge could be added later if the caller into the hotline could be found and interviewed.
“We are waiting to get the report and see if we can prove something that endangered that child other than being in that car with the drunk driver,” Martinez said. “We don’t charge just to charge….we charge things we can prove.” ….MORE

DWIHitParade Opinion: The fact that the child was in the vehicle with the allegedly intoxicated officer is all that is needed to prove the child was “endangered”

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