New York: Indicted on DUI manslaughter charge Sean Ludwick nabbed in Puerto Rico plot to flee to South America; dumped his pal’s dead body in driveway and fled after crash

Sean Ludwick mug shot Suffolk County Police

Sean Ludwick mug shot Suffolk County Police


SAG HARBOR, N.Y. — In what could be one of the most flagrant cases of callous disregard for life exhibited by an alleged Dirtbag DUI killer, a New York City real estate executive facing vehicular homicide and DUI charges in a fatal crash on Long Island, attempted to flee to South America from Puerto Rico, authorities said Wednesday.

Bill Clifford, a spokesman for the Suffolk County district attorney, said Sean Ludwick was caught by federal authorities after he was in Puerto Rico trying to buy a large boat that would take him to South America.U.S. citizens do not require a passport to travel to and from Puerto Rico.

After his capture in Puerto Rico, Ludwick was brought back to Long Island and ordered held without bail. His attorney declined to comment.

The New York Post reported:  “A part-time sailing instructor in San Juan, who either works or worked for the FBI, ratted out Ludwick upon learning of the vehicular-homicide charges pending against him for the Aug. 30 death of Paul Hansen, according to a source briefed on the case.”

“He picked up a weird vibe off him and did a background check and notified the [Suffolk] DA’s Office,” the source said.

Hansen’s widow, Catherine, posted an angry message on Facebook after learning of Ludwick’s bust, saying: “You can run but you will be caught. A–hole.” ….MORE

Paul Hansen was dumped dead and lifeless in his driveway by Ludwick say cops

Paul Hansen was dumped dead and lifeless in his driveway by Ludwick say cops

On Jan. 4, 2016, Suffolk County District Attorney John Spota announced that Ludwick had pleaded not guilty to a 13 count indictment charging him with aggravated vehicular homicide and other crimes at his arraignment. Officials said that Ludwick’s blood had a blood-alcohol content of .18 percent four hours after the crash that killed his passenger, Paul Hanson, 53, of Sag Harbor, on Aug. 30, 2015.

In a ghoulish touch to the horrific crime, investigators alleged that Ludwick hauled the dead and lifeless body of his buddy out of the wreck and drove away from the scene.  The incredible Ludwick, according to District Attorney Spota, dumped the body at the end of Hansen’s driveway on Rolling Hill Court East in Sag Harbor.

The mangled Porsche managed to drive on the rims of the vehicle for about a quarter-mile from the scene of the crash where Southampton Police found Ludwick standing by the wreckage.

At that point, the Southampton officers placed Ludwick under arrest.

Spota said in a statement that Ludwick had been freed on a million-dollar bond, which will now be forfeited.

Under New York State law, Ludwick faces a sentence of eight to twenty-five years in prison which up to seven more years for hit and run – all of which will be in an up-state prison.