New York: it was the skateboarder’s fault she got run over by the doctor charged with DWI and fleeing the scene

Letter to the Editor

Last I checked investigators still do not know for sure who was driving the car that fatally hit and killed young Alix. 
There are too many variables in this case and I feel your cartoon was ridiculous and disrespectful to all parties involved.
A young girl riding a skateboard on a dark street in the middle of the night is a recipe for disaster.
 Unfortunately for Alix it proved to be fatal and very sad, but we still do not have any proof that the doctor was even driving or in that car the night of the accident.
You should consider retracting your article until you have all the facts.
Kimberly Grace
(Editor’s Note: your desire to have the articles retracted will require a withdrawal of the criminal charges against Dr. Corasanti.  At such time the updated news will be presented, along with appropriate commentary.
It is unfortunate that he decided to refuse the breath test, but as a medical professional, he knew without a doubt that the measure of blood alcohol in his system would prove he was intoxicated and he undoubtedly had the presence of mind to call his attorney on his cell phone prior to being found by police.
How you can blame this tragedy on the skateboarder shows the mentality involved in the mindset to rationalize continued driving after drinking.  This death shows that even drinking an amount less than needed to pass the legal limit can still impair one’s reaction times to challenges presented ahead on the roadway.
Pedestrians and others on non-motorized wheels need to understand they have a shared obligation to avoid collisions and not to veer out in front of traffic.
Too bad the Doc didn’t blow, then you could really be his champion. It was a ridiculous choice on his part if he was innocent….and regardless of who’s fault it was, maybe the doctor could have stopped at the scene and attempted to render aid to save her life instead of leaving her like a dead animal.)
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Police still seeking info on timeline of deadly crash…who was in the vehicle with Dr. Corasanti? 

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