New York: Letter: “Don’t say that getting in a car with a drunk driver is getting a ticket to your own funeral”

Dear DWI Hit Parade,

I am emailing you regarding a recent post about a young man which can be found at this link  
I am in no way a supporter of drinking and driving and I strongly believe in raising awareness on the topic. However, as a close friend to Cameron and “his 17-year-old friend” who was driving, I kindly ask you to remove the post from your website. Not only me, but Cameron’s other friends and family, are still in a tender time of mourning, where seeing a post such as this one can harm the grieving process. And in addition, to see our young inexperienced friend labeled as a criminal. I personally was on a very important trip, where the Internet was one of my main sources of finding information on the accident.  The second link available to me was yours. Where I saw my dear friend’s death exclaimed, and his face expressed as a bad kid asking for “a ticket to his own funeral!”
I ask you, how could an organization with such intentions on preventing drunk driving be so cold and inconsiderate to Cameron’s friends and family who don’t deserve to see their loved one billboarded in such a harsh way. I also ask you to please remove the post in respect to us still grieving on Cameron’s death.
Thank you for your time. 
Yours in Service,
Nicole Jones
(Editor’s Note: Don’t get in a car with a drunk driver unless you want a ticket to your own funeral. This is a simple but important message and will continue to be told here over and over again in the hope that ONE PERSON might get the message…starting with you.)

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