New York: newspaper exposes sleazy use of DWI enforcement and drug funds to buy luxury SUV for cop

Albany police inspector used $40 grand in drug funds and other stashes of cash to buy this 2010 Toyota luxury SUV without going through purchasing or bid process to use for prostitution stings…other agencies simply lease vehicles at much lower cost and gets fresh vehicles which are not ‘burned’ or recognized by those in underworld of crime….these funds NOT AUDITED!….LEAVES A LOT OF POSSIBLITIES!

From Albany Times Union

Albany County Sheriff’s Inspector John Burke drives this 2010 Toyota Sequoia that he purchased last year from a private dealership using criminal seizure funds. The ‘take-home’ vehicle, which sold for $40,235, is not equipped with lights or siren, Burke said, because he uses it for prostitution stings. The vehicle was not purchased through a state-authorized