New York: officials who got their budgets cut are now FINALLY going out to collect the fines from DWI drivers that they never bothered to pursue…what are your nitwits in your county doing?

From Post-Star
Drunken drivers who haven’t paid their fines in Warren County will soon find the county Sheriff’s Office coming after them.
The county STOP-DWI program is coordinating an effort to determine who hasn’t paid their fines in justice courts (town and city). The effort follows the county’s determination in the fall of 2009 that $473,000 remained unpaid as far back as 5 years and few controls were in place to track who hadn’t paid.
Since then, the county’s STOP-DWI coordinator, Patricia Miller, has been working with courts to determine who owes what, and the county’s collections have risen 30 percent. The county’s STOP-DWI reserve fund has grown 88 percent this year to $80,772, thanks in part to better tracking and collection of overdue fines.
Each court used different procedures to keep track of whether those convicted of DWI paid their fines, and some weren’t paying much attention.
“Nobody was really keeping track of who was paying,” Warren County Sheriff Bud York said…..MORE

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