New York: Queensbury Councilman Timothy Brewer will face charges for 2nd arrest on DWAI-drugs; why does this guy drive while on autol-morphine drip?

GLENS FALLS — A Glens Falls city judge has upheld the driving under the influence of drugs charge against a Queensbury town councilman, setting the stage for a trial in the case next month.
Glens Falls Judge Richard Tarantino denied a motion to dismiss the misdemeanor charge of driving while ability impaired by drugs against 4th Ward Councilman Timothy Brewer. He was arrested last April after drivers who saw him driving erratically on Upper Sherman Avenue in Queensbury boxed his vehicle in and called police.
It was his second arrest for DWAI-drugs in a little over two years, stemming from prescription medications he has taken for back injuries. The first arrest, in January 2010, came after he drove into a log truck.
Brewer’s lawyer, Jeffrey Matte, had asked the judge to throw out the charge “in the interest of justice” and because of insufficient evidence. He argued that the medications, including morphine, were administered by a computer-controlled pain medication pump that Brewer had no control over, and they could have been injected after he was stopped.
Tarantino wrote that there “was potential ….MORE