New York: State Police report Trooper Martin T. McClellan busted his leg when he wrecked and found to be more than twice the legal limit; charged with DWI

NOTICE TO ALL POLICE OFFICERS EVERYWHERE: We appreciate your hard work in keeping all of us safe but while we value your heroics and hard work don’t think for one second we are so consumed with hero worship to believe that you have a right to drive while intoxicated or otherwise impaired on our highways! ….and please don’t rob banks either!

According to the New York State Police, on March 8, 2013, State Police in Rochester arrested New York State Trooper Martin T. McClellan, 30, of Rochester, N.Y., for Driving While Intoxicated following the investigation of a February 28 crash on Interstate 490 in the town of Gates.

McClellan was off-duty at the time of the one-car crash and suffered a broken leg as a result. His blood alcohol concentration was later determined to be .18%. He was charged with Aggravated DWI and issued tickets returnable to the Town of Gates Court on March 19. He is currently on extended sick leave due to the injuries he suffered in the accident.

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