New York: teacher fights cops when tossed out of bar but returns for more mayhem; Jay Condrill charged with DWI, suspended with pay

Jay Condrill, a teacher at Central Islip High School was tased and arrested by police after allegedly driving drunk and resisting arrest.
Jay Condrill

A Central Islip School District teacher is under arrest after being subdued by the police during a night of drunken mayhem.
Suffolk County police say that Jay Condrill, 47, a Special Education teacher at Central Islip High School, was causing a disturbance at the Triangle Pub on Old Montauk Highway in Eastport at 11:21 p.m., last night. Condrill initially complied with a request from management to leave the premises, but he soon returned. Police were called to the scene, where Condrill was observed exiting his vehicle. ….MORE
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