New York: Teamsters boss bounces back with 2nd DWI in 2 years

From The Post Standard:

Local Teamsters executive Gary R. Staring is charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated following a Feb. 10 crash into a disabled car on James Street by a vehicle registered to the Teamsters Union. It is his second misdemeanor DWI charge in less than two years, according to court records.
When Staring, 61, executive officer of Local 317, was pulled over on Feb. 28, 2010, in Salina, he told a county sheriff’s deputy, “I am very drunk.” He made nearly the same admission to the Syracuse police officer on Feb. 10, records show.
The 2010 DWI case is ongoing in Salina Town Court, where Staring’s next court date is set for March 28. His arraignment for the Syracuse case is March 1 in city court.
Staring crashed his union-owned 2009 Mercury Mountaineer into the back of a disabled 2006 Chevrolet sedan about 10 minutes before midnight on Feb. 10 in the 900 block of James Street, according to court records. He told the arresting officer that he had a half-dozen vodka drinks in Armory Square before the crash. During ….MORE