North Carolina

The following persons were charged with DWI and held in the Catawba County North Carolina Sheriff’s jail; Sheriff Coy Reid:

Justin James Bernard, 24, of Newton, N.C. on 2/21/2011

Macarther Carver, 38, of Claremont, N.C. on 2/25/2011

Deanna Tamar Dryman, 29, of Salisbury, N. C. on 2/25/2011

Darian Lee Edwards, 26, of Newton, N.C. on 2/9/2011 (also felony death by vehicle DWI level 4)

Robert Keaton Ellis, 31, of Maiden, N.C. on 2/21/2011 by Catawba Sheriff’s Office

Christopher Lee Finger, 53, of Newton, N.C. on 1/28/2011

Timothy Matthew Hoke, 22, of Claremont, N. C. on 2/26/2011

Patrice Danielle Howell, 28, of Conover, N. C. on 1/24/2011 (also revoked, false info to officer, resisting arrest) by Hickory Police Dept.

Theodore John Keipes, 45, of Hickory, N. C. on 4/2/2010 by Hickory Police Dept. (habitual felon, firearm, drugs)

Michael Anthony Kroll, 40, of Maiden, N. C. on 2/15/2011 by Catawba Sheriff’s Office

Troy Michael Long, 52, of Hickory, N. C. on 2/20/2011 by Catawba Sheriff’s Office

Robert Martinez, 44, of Hickory, N. C. on 2/7/2011 by Hickory Police Dept.

Terry Lewis McCluney, 31, of Hickory, N.C. on 2/9/2011

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