North Carolina: DWI driver William Walters crashed into Stephen Erwin fatal crash scene in 5 am demo-derby at South Davidson High School

From News Channel 14
DENTON—Investigators say there were two separate crashes on highway 109 Thursday morning, at South Davidson High School.

First responders say they found three mangled vehicles when they responded to call a little after 5:00 a.m. on N.C. 109. Investigators say Dray Carter, 26, of Albemarle was driving a Nissan Xterra when it crossed the center line and slammed into a Chevrolet sedan.

“Why this car is on the wrong side of the road, we’re still looking at it,  I don’t know whether he was passing, whether he was forced off the road,”  said First Sgt. B.D. Stalvy with the N.C. Highway Patrol.

Carter is listed in critical condition.  The Chevrolet’s driver, Stephen Erwin, 49, of Denton died at the scene.

“After everything settled and came to a stop from that initial collision, a third vehicle traveling south came and collided with one of the vehicles involved,” said Salvy.

Troopers say the third car was an Infinity SUV.  The driver,  William Walters of Greensboro, is charged with DWI. He and a passenger ….MORE

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