North Carolina: former Cherry Point Commander pled guilty to DWI

Marine prosecutors want to bring even more charges against the former Cherry Point commander who was relieved of command after his DWI arrest.

An article 32 hearing, which is similar to a civilian grand jury, is underway today at the air station. Unlike a civilian grand jury, those hearings are open to the public.
The prosecution has brought up five additional charges they want the colonel to face. One is for reckless endangerment by assuming duty on flight. Prosecutors say Denn, who is a F/A-18 pilot, failed to acknowledge any human factors that impacted his flight the morning after his drunk driving arrest. Another possible charge is for making a false statement to his co-pilot that he had adequate rest the night before.
Prosecutors say they also want to charge the former commander with having a wrongful relationship with a civilian employee after being advised the appearance was not good for the workplace. Attorneys say there was no sexual relationship, just that Denn and the woman were too good of friends for the office. …MORE