North Carolina: High school swim coach drank like fish and hit utility pole and a Nissan…and didn’t want to talk about it…

A school employee and the McDowell Titans’ swim coach wrecked her vehicle on South Garden Street Tuesday night, subsequently landing her with an impaired driving charge.   At 10:20 p.m., Alicia Michelle Harris, 31, of Stroud Street in Marion was driving her 2006 Honda north, when she ran off the road, struck a utility pole guide wire and came back onto the pavement. She continued traveling north and came upon a 2010 Nissan stopped at a red light at the intersection of South Garden and East Court streets. Harris struck the Nissan, operated by 34-year-old Susan Lee Burnett of Sinclair Avenue in Marion, in the rear, according to a report by Officer B.C. Loftis of the Marion Police Department.   ….MORE

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