North Carolina: Letter to the editor — More on Brian Hieb and fatal DUI

Hi DWIHitParade;
I live in North Carolina and stumbled upon your blog trying to find a picture of a knucklehead named Brian Hieb.  He is the moron who killed Sandra Campbell while he was driving drunk.  The accident happened near where I used to live, so it caught my attention.  It is too bad that this piece of trash was not locked up after he got arrested last year for, you guessed it, DUI.  Because he was out awaiting trial, he was able to do the exact same thing again, except this time he killed someone while he escaped with no life-threatening injuries.
Anyway, just wanted to say great job on the blog.  Sometimes, it seems that some form of public shame for these idiots is about all the discomfort they will have to experience, unfortunately.

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