North Carolina: mayor tells cops they are going to be ‘used-to-be’ cops if they lock him up for DWI!


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – More details today regarding the DWI arrest of Navassa Mayor Eulis Willis over the weekend.
The Highway Patrol’s DWI report shows Willis was originally pulled over by Navassa police for speeding and swerving, who then called in troopers to avoid any perceived internal-town problems. He blew a .09. The state limit is .08.
The report says Willis had a flask with what he claimed was brandy in it.
He also told troopers statements such as, “Those police officers that stopped me, they are wanna be cops, now they’re going to be used to be,” and, “You’ve got yourself into some deep politics,” and, “I used to sign their paychecks.” He also told troopers, “Those officers better hope I don’t blow a .07.” …MORE