NORTH CAROLINA: Three charged in connection with DWI fatal crash

From NBC 17
Three people charged in connection with a deadly DWI accident that killed a Millbrook High student were due in court Wednesday.
Anthony Du Juan Geter, 21, Samantha McKinney, 17, and Hannah Smith, 18, were scheduled to appear in District Court on charges relating to the January accident.
Geter is charged with four counts of aid and abet after purchasing spirituous liquor on the evening of Jan. 6 for Garrett Prince, 16; Elizabeth Malloy 17; Samantha M. McKinney, 17; and a juvenile, all of Raleigh. Geter is charged with buying two 1.75-liter containers of rum at the Wake County ABC store located at 7112 Sandy Forks Road.
McKinney is charged with one count of underage purchase of spirituous liquor for helping to buy the alcohol. ….MORE