North Carolina: Woodfin officer Michael Salley suspended after he was arrested on DWI charge by Highway Patrol


30-year-old Woodfin Police Officer Michael Salley has been suspended after Highway Patrol pulled him over for speeding at 12:15am Saturday morning on New Leicester Highway and charged him with DWI. Salley was officer of the year in Woodfin in 2010.

“The matter is part of a personnel investigation being conducted,” said Jason Young, Woodfin Town Manager. “He has been suspended.”

Business owners in Woodfin who know Salley say he’s a well-respected officer but one local restaurant owner who asked not to be identified said he felt Salley made a terrible mistake that will likely end his career in law enforcement.

“He was off duty when he was pulled over,” said Young.

Salley was taken to the Buncombe County jail and released at 2am Saturday to someone who came to pick him up.

Sgt. Craig Harris said Salley was going 65 in a 45 mph ….MORE

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