Ohio: Troopers union argued to let trooper who was twice the legal limit when busted get her job back; arbitrator says yes

Does this mean that when an Ohio trooper robs their 1st bank and otherwise has a good record, he or she can keep their job?

Shots, Beer and Hit the Road!

From Columbus Dispatch
By driving drunk while speeding at 102 mph, Tiffany Wilson failed to live up to the higher standards the State Highway Patrol demands of its troopers, the patrol felt.
Wilson was fired on March 9, a few weeks after her post lieutenant pulled over his trooper on I-71 in Morrow County as she drove home from an off-duty party at which she drank three beers and as many as five shots of liquor.
Wilson, 40, is back on the job, however, after an arbitrator ruled that her dismissal for conduct unbecoming an officer was “harsh” for a first-time DUI offender with a spotless record as a trooper.
In his Jan. 5 ruling, the arbitrator ordered that Wilson be reinstated with back pay, excluding a 90-day unpaid suspension. She now works out of the Delaware post.
The troopers’ union argued that Wilson paid heavily for her decision to drink and drive. Her blood-alcohol level measured 0.16 percent…..MORE

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