Oklahoma: 4 killed by DUI driver at homecoming parade for Oklahoma, 44 injured; jailed is Adacia Avery Chambers

Oklahoma-State-parade-crash. 4 dead, 40 injured by DUI driver. photo courtesy of KSAT
Oklahoma-State-parade-crash. 4 dead, 40 injured by DUI driver. photo courtesy of KSAT





From Stillwater Police Department:

A traffic collision that occurred during the Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade in Stillwater, Oklahoma resulted in the death of four people and the injury of forty-seven others. The collision occurred at 10:31AM on October 24th at the intersection of Hall of Fame Ave. and Main St. That intersection was the termination point of the parade. The intersection was lined with spectators when the collision occurred.

The victims’ names, ages, location and conditions are listed below.

Victim Name Age Hometown/Current Location Condition
Juvenile 2 Stillwater, OK Deceased
Prabhakar, Nakita 23 Edmond, OK Deceased
Stone, Bonnie Jean 65 Stillwater, OK Deceased
Stone, Marvin Lyle 65 Stillwater, OK Deceased

Bates, Sherry 40 OU Medical – OKC Critical
Murphy, Kelly 41 St Johns – Tulsa Critical
Rodriguez, Diana 37 St Johns – Tulsa Critical
Schmitz, Leo 60 OU Medical – OKC Critical
Turner, Mary Annette 61 OU Medical – OKC Critical
Juvenile 6 OU Childrens – OKC Fair
Juvenile 7 OU Childrens – OKC Fair
Juvenile 6 OU Medical – OKC Fair
Juvenile 6 OU Medical – OKC Fair
Harrison, Kelly 27 Mercy Hospital – OKC Good
Juvenile 1 OU Medical – OKC Good
Juvenile 12 Stillwater Medical Center Good
Harrison,Kimberly 30 Stillwater Medical Center Good
Rodriquez, Diana 37 Stillwater Medical Center Good
Zeng, Dexia 35 Stillwater Medical Center Good
Atwell, Kayleigh 20 St Johns – Tulsa Stable
Edwards,Steven 55 St Francis – Tulsa Stable

Juvenile 10 Treated and released
Abai,Clement 36 Treated and released
Atwell, Deborah 55 Treated and released
Juvenile 7 Treated and released
Juvenile 13 Treated and released
Bolden, Chayton 19 Treated and released
Cardinal, Mary Lynn 48 Treated and released
Carter, Kailey Beth 19 Treated and released
Chintalapati,Bhardwaj 26 Treated and released
Edwards, Teresa Gay 55 Treated and released
Freeman, Carrie 47 Treated and released
Juvenile 3 Treated and released
Gray, Amanda 24 Treated and released
Hulbert, Adonis 19 Treated and released
Johnson, Taylor Lea 18 Treated and released
Johnson,Jenifer 43 Treated and released
Lind, Zhigang 38 Treated and released
Juvenile 6 Treated and released
Reynolds, Amanda 31 Treated and released
Schmitz, Sharon 66 Treated and released
Smith, Anna 19 Treated and released
Stanley,Kim 58 Treated and released
Strauch, Nicolette 20 Treated and released
Strawn, Katie 46 Treated and released
Thames, Pamela 59 Treated and released
Vanhooykonk, Bryan 34 Treated and released
Whyte, Lynn Sue 60 Treated and released
Witten, Kevin 52 Treated and released
Wu, Tao 34 Treated and released
Wu, Yu Ming 62 Treated and released

A fourth death has occurred as the result of the traffic collision that occurred during the OSU Homecoming Parade today at Main St. and Hall of Fame Ave. The collision occurred at 10:31AM.

3 adult victims were pronounced dead at the scene earlier today. A fourth victim has died of injuries sustained in the collision. That fourth victim was a 2 year old boy.

As of 7:00PM the injured list has grown to 44 persons in addition to the 4 fatalities.

The driver of the car arrested at the scene for Driving Under the Influence, 25 year old Adacia Avery Chambers or Stillwater, remains in jail.

A traffic collision occurred at the termination point, Main St. and Hall of Fame Ave. of the OSU Homecoming parade. The collision occurred at 10:31 AM.

The collision involved 1 car, a 2014 Hyundai Elantra, traveling southbound on Main St. It struck an unmanned police motorcycle before driving into a crowd of spectators.

As of 1:20 PM we can confirmed there are: THREE fatalities, EIGHT critically injured persons (7 were flown from scene by air ambulance 1 was transported to Stillwater Medical Center.), NINE seriously injured persons transported to Stillwater Medical Center and SEVENTEEN walking wounded who travelled to Stillwater Medical Center by private vehicle for treatment.

Adacia Avery Chambers DUI fatal Oklahoma homecoming parade 102415 4 dead 40 injured

Adacia Avery Chambers DUI fatal Oklahoma homecoming parade 102415 4 dead 40 injured

The driver of the car was arrested at the scene for Driving Under the Influence and taken to the City of Stillwater Jail. The driver is Adacia Avery Chambers. She is a 25 year old female Stillwater resident.

The Stillwater PD collision reconstruction team is still at the scene investigating the collision at this time.

We are asking anyone who witnessed the accident or who has video of the collision to please contact the Stillwater Police Dept. at 405.372.4171.

Further, Stillwater PD has established a clearing house for patient names as they become available. Family members searching for loved ones whom they cannot contact otherwise need to call 405.372.4171.

From KSAT:

A fourth person has died after a car hit spectators during Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade in Stillwater. A 2-year-old died at OU Medical Center Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, hospital spokeswoman Vallery Brown told CNN. Forty-four people suffered injuries in the incident.

A woman suspected of drunken driving crashed a car into a crowd of spectators at Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade, killing three people, authorities in Stillwater said Saturday.

Another thirty-four people were injured, eight of them critically, according to a police spokesman. Seven of those eight were taken by helicopter to a hospital, while 10 spectators — one critical and nine “seriously injured persons” — were taken by ambulance. Another 17 “walking wounded” took themselves to the hospital, according to Capt. Kyle Gibbs.

The names of those killed and injured weren’t immediately released.

Gibbs said the car’s driver, Adacia Avery Chambers of Stillwater, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of driving under the influence and taken to the city jail. She is not believed to be an OSU student, he said.

According to a police statement, Chambers drove her 2014 Hyundai Elantra into an unmanned police motorcycle before careening into the crowd of spectators.

When asked by a reporter whether the 25-year-old Chambers was “obviously intoxicated,” Gibbs said, “Certainly probable cause for the arrest, yes sir.”

Gibbs said that Oklahoma state law mandates blood tests for any “serious fatality accident.” The results of those tests won’t be known for several days, he said.

The deadly crash occurred at 10:31 a.m. (11:31 ET), just hours before the school’s centerpiece homecoming event — a football game between the nationally ranked, undefeated OSU Cowboys and the University of Kansas — and only two blocks from the soon-to-be jam packed 50,000-person Boone Pickens Stadium.

The festive scene turned into one of horror, one the university president called a “horrible tragedy.”

“We are shocked and heartbroken by this horrible tragedy,” said President V. Burns Hargis. “The Oklahoma State University Homecoming parade is the most wholesome of events and to have it marred in such a way is incomprehensible.” ....MORE