Oregon: Drunk injured woman and demolished train crossing gate in speeding DWI calvacade of highway terror

 Photo courtesy the Hillsboro Police Department
From OregonLive.com:
A pickup is ready to be towed from the scene of a spectacular Saturday night crash into a railroad crossing arm pole near the intersection of Brookwood Avenue and Tualatin Valley Highway. Police say 36-year-old driver Jose Alfonso Contreras-Ramirez was under the influence when he hit two other motorists while eastbound on the highway before hitting the pole. According to Hillsboro police reports, 36-year-old Jose Alfonso Contreras-Ramirez reached speeds of up to 70 mph in his silver Chevrolet pickup as he drove near the entrance of the Sunset Esplanade at about 7:45 p.m…..MORE

Driver fell asleep on railroad tracks, his car hit by freight train…he’s okay, locked up for being stupid and DUI…

Drunk driver gets hit by train and then runs from cops….VIDEO by SanDiegoMedia

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