Oregon: DUI arrest bookings and serving time at the Marion County Sheriff’s Jail; Victor Cortez-Hernandez at top of list

The following persons were booked into the Marion County, Oregon, Sheriff’s Jail for DUI:

Victor Cortez-Hernandez, on 8/11/12 by WBP
Cory Michael Davis, on 8/11/12 by SMS

David A. Culbertson, on 8/6/2012 serving until 10/31/12 on charges of DUI I C felony

James Michael Cullen, on 8/2/2012 DUI, no bail, hold for US Marshal

Jeffery Allen Culver, sentenced until 6/03/13

Jesus Duran, on 7/11/12 sentenced until 10/4/12

Ryan Chance Garrett, on 8/10/12 sentenced until 11/16/12

Tom Edward Gregory, on 6/29/12 sentenced until 1/9/13

Joshua James Guild, on 7/24/12

Ascension Antonio Guzman, on 8/8/12

Steven Wayne Culp, on 08/08/12 DUI, Hit & Run, Hold for US Marshal