Pennsylvania: Either way, Pittsburgh firefighters will make sure you need an ambulance — 1 FF charged with DUI, 1 FF charged with assault

Two Pittsburgh firefighters were arrested following two separate incidents on Friday night and Saturday morning, police said.
Firefighter Erik Vater was arrested on suspicion of DUI following a crash on Noblestown Road. Police said Vater turned in to oncoming traffic on Poplar Street.   In the second incident, Nick Florian and his brother Ronald were arrested in connection with an assault in Pittsburgh’s South Side, police said. ….MORE
Pittsburgh wants to fire Fire Department officer on his 3rd DUI
PITSSBURGH — Pittsburgh Fire Chief Darryl Jones wants to fire a department lieutenant who was charged with drunken driving for a third time. East Pittsburgh police filed the most recent charge against Stephen Jasper, 39, of Lincoln-Lemington after stopping him Saturday for making an illegal turn on Route 30, according to a criminal complaint. He was charged when he failed field sobriety tests and a breath test, the complaint states. ….MORE

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