Pennsylvania: Fulton County open arrest warrants for Feb. 17, 2016 includes Joshua Rupert Baker parole violation on DUI charge

Fulton County Open Arrest Warrants

Tracking Number Name Offense Issued
CR381992 Adams, Steve S Recklessly endangering another person (2 counts) 04/06/1993
CR 204-2014 Alexander, Michael Lee Man./Delivery Failure to Appear for Arraignment 01/06/2015
CR-29-254-2013 Baker, Joshua Rupert Failure to Appear for Prob./Parole Violation/DUI Imp of Safe Driving 04/16/2013
CP-29-CR-0000227-2009 Barrick, Brandon Michael FTA – Probation Violation Hearing 10/30/2013
358-2012-C Bass, Terrell Dawon Writ for Process Fees / $535.28 06/04/2013
CR-3-2012 Bennett, Regina Ann FAILURE TO APPEAR/ Poss. of Drug Paraphernalia 02/03/2015
CR-116-2015 Beougher, James Cory FAILURE TO APPEAR/Call of List Trial 10/13/2015
CR-207-2015 Bishop, Charles Lee FAILURE TO APPEAR/Formal Arraignment/ Marijuana-Small Amt 12/08/2015
CR1822005 Boehm, Adam FTA: Formal Arraignment on 2/28/2006 Theft by Dec. F3 02/28/2006
CP-29-CR-0000003-2013 Box, Terrie Lee FTA- Probation violation hearing on 10/29/13 10/30/2013
00021-2013DR Box, Terrie L. FTA-Domestic Relations 09/17/2013
CR-171-2015 Brookens, Brandon Michael FAILURE TO APPEAR/Possession of Small Amount 09/29/2015
330-2015-C Brown Jr., Daniel Earl Failure To Comply With Order of Court 10/13/2015
CR-195-2015 Brumback, Philip Thomas Failure to Appear/ Formal Arraignment/Bad Checks 11/17/2015
CR-22-2014 Brune, Nicholas Donald DUI 10/14/2014
29 BA-0000011-2015 BURDETTE, Summer M. Fraud of Food Stamps 07/10/2015
CP-29-CR-0000028-2012 Burton Jr., Robert Charles Theft by Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop. 05/01/2012
00216-2009-C Calabrese, Wayne J FTA – Demestic Relations 02/15/2011
CP-29-CR-0000044-2011 Clift, Roy Jude Theft by Deception-False Impression 11/13/2012
0086-2008DR DESHONG, Andrew L. Failed to Appear/ Domestic Relations 11/03/2015
CR-139-2013 Durant, Brittney Shantel FAILURE TO APPEAR/ HEARING/Contempt 10/06/2015
CR001061999 Flores, Nativad Chagoya Rape FTA for Sentencing/Same Charge in Franklin Co. 09/19/2000
CP-29-CR-0000085-2013 Gibson, Jesse Lee Theft by unlaw taking movable property 07/30/2013
CP-29-CR-0000055-2011 Henshaw, Dequan Levi Receiving Stolen Property 04/19/2011
SA-18-2013 HERNAN, Sarmiento Anibal Process failed to pay court close of $398.98 03/10/2015
SA1022004 Hill, Jason Harry Failure to Pay Summary Charges: Exceed.Speed Limit/Disregard Traffic Contr 05/22/2007
174-2008C Hines, David Leonard Failure to Pay Court Costs/Process 03/10/2015
CP-29-CR-0000018-2011 Holman, Daniel Lee Receiving Stolen Property 05/31/2011
CR1112005 Jenkins, Tommy Earl FTA Arraignment on 8/16/05 Possessing Instruments of a Crime 08/16/2005
CR202003 Johnson, Carnail Failure to Pay Cost/Process Original Charge: RSP 12/27/2005
CR991990 Johnson, Jewell Lynn Unauthorized Use of a Automobile 12/10/1991
SA-2014 KATZ, laurence e. Process failed to pay court close of $95.98 03/10/2015
CR000332010 Keating, Jennifer Anne FTA Formal Arraignment on 3/16/10 Use/Poss of Drug Para. 03/16/2010
09-2016 KELLOGG, Earl Raymond Possession of Para. 02/02/2016
120- 2014C Kling, Jayme Lee Failure to Pay Court Costs/Process 03/10/2015
CR892003 Kubiak, Thomas J. FTA Court on11/04/2003 DUI 11/02/2003
CP-29-CR-0000081-2005 Lee, Daniel Robert FTA-Burglary 10/12/2010
CR000812005 Lee, Daniel Robert Arrest Warrant ( Original Charge. Burglary) 09/10/2010
CR292000 Martens, Janet Agnes FTA Court on 11/06/2001 Default in Required Appearance 11/06/2001
CP-29-CR-0000075-2006 Martisko, Timothy James Theft By Deception – False Impression 05/29/2007
CR612007 McMillan, James William Ray Simple Assault (Waived for Court Lower) 03/18/2008
00068-2007DR Mellott, Michael Ryan 05/06/2014
CR0032002 Meyers, Christine Marie FTA Court on 10/22/02 CRiminal Conspiracy 10/22/2002
CP-29-72-2025 Michael, Benson Jacob Poss Small Amt. 06/02/2015
CR0032008 Miller, Arnold Thomas FTA Sentencing on 11/18/08 Poss. Para. 11/18/2008
23-2008-DR Mills, William R. FAILURE TO APPEAR/ HEARING Domestic Relations 01/20/2015
CR981989 Morrell, Yvonia Failure to Appear 09/05/1989
DR000692006 Myers, Michael L. Non-Support FTA for Scheduled Conference and/or Hearing 08/27/2007
CP-29-CR-0000095-2008 Patterson, Patrick Wayne Theft by Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop Unauth use Motor Vehicle 08/24/2010
01-2016 PECK, Derek James False Imprisonment 01/12/2016
00060-2010DR Peterson, Joseph L. FTA Domestic Relations 11/20/2012
CR1812005 Pickard, Richard James FTA Formal Arraignment on 02/28/06. Theft by Deception F3 02/28/2006
CP-29-CR-0000212-2013 Ramsey, Rick A. Theft By Decpt – Prevent Acqu Of Info 04/15/2014
127-2015 RITTS, Buddie Alan Failure to Appear 09/15/2015
CR79-2009/66-2015 Rogers, Crystal Leigh FAILURE TO APPEAR/Criminal Mischief 09/30/2015
86-2008-C Rohm, Michael Joseph FTA 05/27/2014
71-2014DR Ross, Brenda J. FAILURE TO APPEAR/ HEARING 01/06/2015
00054-2002dr Seville, Joshua l. failure to appear for conference 08/04/2014
CR1131990 Shank, Brian L. FTA Court on 8/3/93 Dui/Poss. Mari/Accidents to attended Vehicle. 08/03/1993
CP-29-CR-0000243-2011 Summers, Sterling Hadley Marijuana Small Amt. Personal Use 04/10/2012
2-2016 SWOPE, Jeremy Paul DUI 02/02/2016
CR151994 Tiller, Michael R. FTA Court for Dui and Summary Offenses 03/29/1994
262-2011-CR Tyer, David Andrew Writ for Process Fees / $513.11 06/04/2013
CP-29-CR-0000062-2012 Walters, Deborah Leigh DUI Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely – 1st Off 05/01/2012
CR001322003 Wertman, Timothy Mark FTA Court on 1/20/04 Poss. Small Amount & Paraphernalia 01/20/2004
17-1989 Wiegand, William Ralph Burglary, Theft by unlawful taking 11/05/1990
CP-29-CR-0000188-2011 Wilson, Bradley Alexander DUI-Controlled Substance-Schedule 1- 1st Offense 09/20/2011
SA-12-2011 Wilson, Tyrell P. Failure to Pay Summary Appeals/Driving While Susp or Revoked 08/19/2014
CR0021994 Yerkes, Robert A. FTA for Court Dui and Summary Offenses 01/30/1995
CR421991 Yocum, Keith FTA Court Bad Checks 05/22/1991
CR862009 Yost, Christopher Aaron FTA for Call of the List on 1/12/10 Criminal Mischief – ARD 01/12/2010
CR00022006 Young, William Edward FTA Court Manuf/Del/Poss/W Int. 10/31/2006