Pennsylvania: Philly cop busted for DUI after flattening tires and driving on rim; then he assaulted officers arresting him, says ABC 6

Philly Police Officer Darryl Cathey DUI with flat tires on police car


Pa. cop faces DUI charges after driving police cruiser to station with flat tires |


The downward spiral for a 6-year veteran of the Philadelphia police department accelerated at 12:20 a.m. Saturday when 26-year-old Officer Darryl Cathey allegedly pulled up to 12th district headquarters after his shift in a marked police vehicle with three flat tires and bent rims, ABC6 is reporting.

Then a police sergeant on the scene allegedly smelled alcohol on the on-duty officer’s breath, ABC6 writes. Cathey also had bloodshot eyes and was very talkative, indicating he did not know the cruiser’s tires were flat, the station reports.

Next, the sergeant attempted to take the officer into custody, but a struggle ensued between Cathey, the supervisor and other officers, ABC6 writes.  ….MORE

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