Pennsylvania: Sean Barrett can take his wheelchair to prison for DUI murder of his pal; Kyle Locker will stay in his grave as trial ends

Ride with a drunk or drugged driver, buy a ticket to your own funeral…

Sean Barrett DUI fatal Lacawanna PA 083013 Kyle Locker

A bloody crash is a heck of a way to end a friendship…Sean Barrett was three times the limit when he attempted to zoom onto I-81 and
smashed into a light pole …Kyle Locker does not have Sean Barrett’s five percent chance at walking again…what
happens to Schooners Pub, the bar that served Barrett?

New Jersey court ruled that a drunk driver has a right to sue the bar that served him


Elizabeth McManus kept her eyes closed for two hours to shut out the nightmare surrounding her as emergency crews struggled to pry open the wreckage of the car her drunken friend slammed into a light pole in Dunmore just after midnight.

Addressing Judge Vito P. Geroulo on Wednesday before he ordered Sean Barrett to spend up to 54 months in state prison, Ms. McManus told the judge about the blood she saw and, as she lay pinned in the backseat, the back of 21-year-old Kyle Locker’s head. The coroner declared Mr. Locker dead at the crash scene in the early morning hours of Aug. 19, 2011.

Seeing this horror, she kept her eyes shut and did not open them until emergency medical technicians put her in an ambulance.

Mr. Barrett, 24, of Dickson City, sat in a wheelchair listening to her remember the day that forever altered four lives.

The crash inflicted severe damage to Mr. Barrett’s spine. He is now a paraplegic.

“I feel pains every day,” said Ms. McManus of Scott Twp., who was 20 at the time of the wreck at the northbound Exit 188 entrance ramp to Interstate 81, near the Casey Highway interchange.

Kaycee Pezak, who was pressed next to Ms. McManus inside the rolled-over car, told the judge how her whole world has been “turned upside down” since a drunken Mr. Barrett got behind the wheel …MORE


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A man who admitted to driving drunk and causing a deadly wreck in Lackawanna County two years ago is going to prison.

Sean Barrett of Dickson City was sentenced to between one and a-half and four and a-half years in prison Wednesday morning.

The crash killed one of Barrett’s best friends, Kyle Locker of Dalton. It also injured two other women who were inside the vehicle.

One of them told the judge that her “whole world has been turned upside down since that night.”

Barrett is now confined to a wheelchair himself. Leaving court, he was full of remorse.

“I’ve told them many times before that I’m truly sorry and I always will be,” Barrett said.

The crash that Barrett was involved in happened on Interstate 81 in Dunmore in August 2011. Barrett admitted he was drunk and speeding when he drove off the road and hit a utility pole.

“It really is a selfish act for someone to drive under the influence. He was twice the legal limit, a little better than twice the legal limit, speeding, we didn’t have to be here today,” Deputy District Attorney Bob Klein said. …..MORE