Pennsylvania: so where does the ice cream truck driver go to the bathroom….NO WHERE!

Pee-Pee Popsicles Not on Menu But Were in Freezer!


It was Friday evening when the Middletown Township Police Department received the call.
“We received information from a passing motorist of an ice cream truck that was all over the roadway on southbound Route 1 from Oxford Valley
Road,” Middletown Township Lt. John Michniewicz said.
His Jack & Jill Truck was pulled over minutes later and investigators say the ice cream man, 46-year-old Yassir Hassan, was visibly drunk.
Upon further inspection, authorities found several wine boxes inside.
But even more disturbing was the discovery of at least three water bottles filled with urine and one of them was found inside the freezer unit used to store the ice cream.
On top of that, Action News has obtained a copy of the inspection report performed after the arrest which determined the truck had “obviously no
hand washing facilities in the vehicle.” ….MORE

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