Pennsylvania: two hell-hole bars sued for DUI death of ballerina includes American Legion Post-operated night club

 Polina Kadiyska Ballerina killed by Deandre BarnesDeAndre BArnes killed ballerina in DUI
Polina Kadiyska, left, killed by DeAndre Barnes, right, who had been partying, under age, allegedly at two Philly bars, one of which is operated by the American Legion.


ALL QUESTIONS about who is criminally responsible for the March 18, 2012,  drunken-driving crash that claimed the life of a rising Bulgarian-born ballet  dancer have been answered.

DeAndre Barnes, who had been celebrating his 19th birthday when the Audi he  was driving struck Polina Kadiyska, 22, as she walked across Broad Street near  Ellsworth in South Philadelphia, pleaded guilty Feb. 8 to homicide by vehicle  while driving under the influence. He’s serving five to 10 years in state  prison.

Now, an attorney for Kadiyska’s estate has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit  seeking to hold Barnes and two South Philadelphia bars civilly responsible for  cutting her life short.

“We think they all share in some respect for what happened here,” attorney  Robert L. Sachs said yesterday. “This and all lawsuits like this are about  holding all who are responsible fully accountable for their actions.”

In addition to Barnes, named in the suit as defendants are Kelbar Inc., the  parent company of T-Barr’s Bar, at 8th and Jackson streets, and Frantic  Nightclub, which is owned by the American Legion Post 153,….MORE

Involved parties react

Calls to the American Legion headquarters seeking comment were referred to the Pennsylvania office on Friday, but Adjutant Kit Watson was unavailable to discuss the suit.

Speaking with NewsWorks about the case in May, Tom Barr, who said he has operated T-Barr since 1967, denied that Barnes was served there and said, “I don’t have insurance, so [the Kadiyska estate] wouldn’t get any money.”

After his client pleaded guilty in the criminal case, defense attorney Zachary Shaffer said, “Whatever he can do to help the [Kadiyska] family, he is going to do.” ….MORE

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