Rhode Island: Police chief promises crack down on impaired drivers after drunks smashed into two police cars coming from Hell-Hole Bar – Mardi Gras Nightclub

Mardi Gras Bar Hell Hole Bar


CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND – Three drivers were arrested for DWI in Cranston, Rhode Island in the past few days, according to Cranston Police Chief Col. Michael J. Winquist.

Chief Winquist announced that the operators arrested were responsible for three separate motor vehicle wrecks two of which involved Cranston police vehicles. In one crash, a Cranston Police Officer was injured when his cruiser was hit by a drunk driver.

On Dec. 13, 2014, at 1:14 am, a parked police car was hit in the parking lot of the Mardi Gras nightclub located at 1500 Oaklawn Ave. in Cranston, R.I. When approached by officers, the driver reportedly showed signs of being intoxicated and was administered a series of field sobriety tests.

The driver failed the tests, report police. He was identified as Alex Sanville, 24, of 43 Baptist Street, Swansea, Mass., and was placed under arrest for DUI. At police headquarters, Sanville refused to take a breath test.

Police say that another DUI arrest took place after police responded to a vehicle believed to have been in a wreck at the intersection of Harris Avenue and Cranston Street. The police had received a report that a vehicle had been involved in a wreck at the Mardi Gras club prior to arriving at the intersection.  Police found both occupants of the stopped vehicle to be sleeping in the vehicle the middle of the roadway – with the engine running.

Police say that the operator, Marc Daniel, 41, of 976 Cranston Street, Cranston, R. I. informed them that he had left the Mardi Gras bar but didn’t recall having been involved in a crash. After participating in field sobriety tests Daniel was taken to police headquarters and given a breath test which showed he was about three times the legal limit, ringing the bell at .235.  Daniel was taken before a Justice of the Peace and released pending a future court date to answer charges of DUI.

On Dec. 15, 2014, at 12:56 am a Cranston Police Officer was standing outside his police car on Oaklawn Avenue at Garden Hills Drive conducting a traffic stop. The officer was administering a field sobriety test on a suspected drunk driver when his police car was hit from behind by – you guessed it – another drunk driver.

The impact caused by the bozo who struck the cruiser, pushed the vehicle forward and the police car struck the police officer in his hip and back. That bozo was identified as Steven Capobianco, 32, of 61 Manor Road, Cranston, R. I., Capobianco was charged with DUI after he failed his tests and refused to blow.  The officer and the passenger in the boozing bozo’s vehicle were both taken to hospitals and released.

Col Winquist promised the public that his officers would be doubling down on removing boozing drivers from the roadways.

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