South Carolina: man who killed Eleanor Martin Caperton gets out of jail on $5,000 bail while awaiting trial on DUI reckless homicide charge; victim’s family mourns

Face of the Killer: Samuel Avery McCauley, faces charges of DUI and reckless homicide in death of Eleanor Martin Caperton…because he wanted to party!
To the Editor:
Samuel Avery McCauley, of Carolina Blvd. apt. a. Isle of Palms, SC killed my friend Eleanor Martin Caperton
I would like ya’ll to stay on top of this 19 yr. old Felony DUI and reckless homicide charges for killing my friend by going the wrong way down I-26 in Charleston.  He got out on 8/10 for a 5K bond and house arrest except for college and work of which he has neither.  They live in an apt. a few blocks from Isle of Palms beach and the famous windjammer club area.  His single mom is a private court reporter and knows everyone; even with no real money she hired the most powerful attorney in Charleston, Capers Barr.  they are trying to make this Governors boarding school student look like an angel who made a mistake…but he made the wrong mistake this time.  Please bring this a-hole up once in a while to help keep the story in the public’s mind while the time passes for trial or plea bargain
We had to clean out her clothes, shoes, makeup and female items today and it was so hard…like giving away and throwing away her life…I cried  all day.
He has extinguished a powerful flame…now he needs to feel the burn!
A grieving friend of Ellie

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