South Carolina: Shawn Wilson meets the grim reaper….passenger killed in DUI wreck was awaiting 2nd trial for murder

According to this report in the Rock Hill Herald (South Carolina) newspaper, published on Aug. 8, 2007: “Police say Wilson, then 25, shot Charlie Ray “Juicy” Brown Jr. in the stomach at the Talk of the Town Bar and grill on Chester Avenue  in Great Falls.  Brown was taken to Chester Regional Medical Center where he died.”
The newspaper reported that in the August 2007 trial of Shawn Wilson, witnesses testified that Wilson had injected himself into a fight at the Talk of the Town bar, pulled out a gun and fired shots, one of which killed Charlie Ray “Juicy” Brown Jr.  Wilson’s attorney said that wasn’t true that Wilson had only fired in the air.
The jury came back and told the Judge that they were unable to make a unanimous decision and the trial was declared a mistrial due to the hung jury.
The Herald report quoted the mother of the murdered man: “Four years later, Fannie Brown cried in court for her son.”