Maryland: Mark Ellis Grace III killed; Police say booze ended this cruise; Arian Leigh Howard pleaded guilty to manslaughter

Deputies spoke with Howard, who said she was driving. Deputies then approached the vehicle and saw a half-gallon of rum that was half empty in the vehicle, Rappaport said, and Howard also told deputies she drank four beers that night.

Deputies saw Howard had “glassy eyes and a strong odor of an alcohol beverage on her breath,” according to charging documents. EMS personnel began to treat Howard and placed her on a backboard, and deputies performed a sobriety test, which she allegedly failed, charging documents state.

Howard was taken to Prince George’s Hospital Center where she was interviewed by deputies. Charging documents state that blood was taken from Howard and sent to the Maryland State Police Lab to be analyzed.

Rappaport said Howard’s blood alcohol content was .17 percent the night of the accident.
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