Maryland: Hit and run driver Michael Jerome Worsham charged with DUI-drugs; lodged in slammer

Worsham was administered a field sobriety test which he failed. He was also administered a drug influence evaluation and determined to be impaired and under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance. Worsham was taken into custody and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia; a straw, negligent driving, driving on a suspended license, and driving under the influence of CDS.

Maryland: State Police report DUI DWI drivers wrecking, crashing and burning

The barrack received a call for a two vehicle crash where the at-fault vehicle left the scene. Troopers responded to a vehicle stopped on the right shoulder with the suspected impaired driver seated in the driver’s seat. The victim in the hit and run was able to identify the vehicle. The driver was arrested.

Maryland: PG Officer had enough booze in his system when he crashed and died to have been charged with DWI

“I do not condone POFC Rabain’s decision to drive after consuming any amount of alcohol. While we will never know precisely what role alcohol played in this crash, the outcome is tragic. The excessive speed can not be ignored either. But we do know that in the final moments of his life, this young officer was committed to protecting the people of Prince George’s County,” said Chief Mark Magaw.