Florida: Cape Coral Police report motorcyclist Charles Thomas Duffy killed by DUI driver David McDonough of Colorado

Vehicle 1 made a left turn to enter into the German American Social Club driveway (2101 SW Pine Island Road) and turned into the path of travel of Vehicle 2. 

Florida: Carey C. Price nabbed in Dominican Republic for DUI manslaughter in Florida after 12 years on the run

Carey C. Price was captured in the Dominican Republic after the Central Florida Task Force and the U. S. Marshal’s Service captured him. Price had been using the name of Jay Rice and in a bar in the island nation, he disclosed to another patron that he was wanted in the U. S.

Florida: Julie Agerton charged with DUI-drugs/alcohol for killing Steven Beaupre and maiming William Barber

Beaupre and Barber were walking south on Wilson Street, when Agerton, struck both pedestrians from behind, after running a stop sign. During the course of the investigation, it was believed that Agerton may have been impaired by drugs or alcohol

Virginia: Brandon Scott Martin charged with felony DUI for killing Josh Payne

The passenger, Josh Payne, 22-years-old from Troy, VA, died at the scene. The rear passenger, a juvenile, was ejected from the vehicle and transported to the University of Virginia Medical Center in critical condition. No one in the Honda was wearing a seat belt.