Rhode Island: Hector M. Diaz faces DUI homicide charges in booze cruise

Diaz displayed obvious signs of impairment at the scene. Troopers placed him in custody and transported him to the Lincoln Woods Barracks where he refused a breathalyzer test. In coordination with the Attorney General’s Office, a court authorized search warrant was prepared by troopers and signed by the Honorable Judge Stephen M. Isherwood. Mr. Diaz was transported to Rhode Island Hospital where blood samples were drawn. Testing of the collected blood samples will be conducted by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Mississippi: Edward Sullivan Receives 50 Year Sentence for DUI Death of a Child

Guest stated, “Sullivan was operating his vehicle at a time that his blood alcohol content was two to three times over the legal limit. Sullivan’s decision to drink and drive resulted in the death of a 10-year-old child. This case highlights the importance in keeping those that would consume alcohol from getting behind the wheel of a car.”

Washington: State Patrol reports Breanna Renee Atwell killed in head-on crash; DUI pending against Severianao Lopez

Dead woman and her injured boyfriend spent their last moments together after Valentines evening together…then they were hit head-on by suspected DUI driver…

On her Facebook page, on Feb. 10, Atwell posted this: “okay I know valentines is Saturday but I just want you all to know how much I love this man of mine he is the sweetest man ever, I love you to the moon and back honey.” She posted a photo of her and Sammy Roark together. She was dead within five days.

California: Thomas Karl Doczi charged with DUI in killing bicyclist with his Porsche

Officers and paramedics arrived within minutes and determined a bicyclist had been struck by a vehicle. The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation revealed that a silver 2002 Porsche was traveling westbound on Hovley Lane East just west of Corporate Way when it struck the bicyclist.

The Porsche was being driven by Thomas Karl Doczi, age 60 of Rancho Mirage. Alcohol may have been a factor in this collision. Doczi was booked into the jail in the city of Indio for vehicular manslaughter.