Oregon: boozing boater Edward Ramirez challenges Deputy with help of drunken mob; more cops quell Mexican War at Detroit Lake

The driver of the boat is 22 year old Edward Ramirez from California and he has been charged with Boating under the influence of Intoxicants. Ramirez had a blood alcohol content one and a half times the legal limit. The other two subjects that were arrested are 23 year old Ivan Barajas and 26 year old Ernesto Barajas who are both from California. They have been charged with Disorderly Conduct

Oregon: Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers DUI bookings for April 15, 2014

The core functions of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are:

1) To keep our community safe;
2) To continue to work collaboratively with our community and public safety partners;
3) To continue to seek and retain professional and competent staff; and
4) To be fiscally responsible.

I believe that it takes more than just enforcing laws to create a sense of safety in our communities. Community safety includes establishing and maintaining relationships with neighborhoods, businesses, non-profit agencies and public safety partners, all working together toward a safer Marion County.

Be Safe, Sheriff Jason Myers