California: DUI would-be jet hijacker swiped baggage cart and drove out to jet and tried to hijack the plane

He was contacted by airport security while on the jet and the male had put the pilot headset on as if he was attempting to steal the aircraft. The male was making irrational statements about needing a plane due to his daughter being kidnapped. Security was able to talk the suspect off the aircraft. Once the male was off the aircraft, security tried to place the suspect into custody. The male began to violently fight with security and was pepper sprayed. The suspect fled from the guard and ran into the Jet Center bathroom

California: Vernon Lee Simon charged with DUI murder in death of driver he hit in Redding; prior DUI on record

Simon was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for complaint of pain. A Drug Recognition Expert with the Redding Police Department examined Simon at the hospital and determined he was driving under the influence of drugs. Simon was determined to be on probation for a prior DUI with injury arrest in 2011 and was driving on a suspended license.