New York: Tracy M. Champagne was well named; charged by Fulton Police with DWI & nearly three times legal limit

It is alleged that on 08/09/14 at about 1:51 AM, while on W. Third St. S. near Chestnut St., in the City of Fulton, County of Oswego, State of New York, the said defendant, operated a motor vehicle in a northerly direction on W. Third St. S., at approximately 50 MPH in a posted 30 MPH zone. A vehicle and traffic stop was performed on the vehicle in the parking lot of 7-11. The defendant was the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle. She had glassy eyes, impaired speech and motor coordination, and the odor of a consumed alcoholic beverage emanated from her breath. The following standardized field sobriety tests were performed: the horizontal gaze nystagmus, the walk and turn, and the one leg stand. The defendant failed all three tests. The defendant also submitted a breath sample for a preliminary breath screening test, and it showed the presence of alcohol. The defendant was arrested for driving while intoxicated and transported to the police department, where she supplied a breath sample for chemical analysis. Said analysis indicated the defendant’s blood alcohol content was greater than .18%.