Tennessee: flap over DUI checkpoint nets 4 million views on You Tube

Police agencies should train officers prior to conducting checkpoints



A video that was posted by a driver detained at a DUI checkpoint has been viewed almost four million times since it went online July 4.

Now, the Middle Tennessee State University student who posted the viral video is talking about the what happened.

The driver, Chris Kalbaugh, said he never expected the video to gain so much attention.

“I wasn’t looking to sue anybody.  I didn’t want anybody to get fired. I was just doing it just to see how far I could go with expressing my rights,” said Kalbaugh.

But he said things got tense when he started asking the officer questions.

“I had my window rolled down enough that was perfectly legal. I did not break any laws, and I feel having a right to do something is not suspicious and is not probable cause,” said Kalbaugh.

The traffic stop lasted nearly 20 minutes, but the video Kalbaugh posted online is just more than six minutes in duration.  He insists he did not edit it to try to put the officers in a bad light. ….MORE

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