Tennessee: man launches Buick into creek, found surrounded by hound dogs and awarded his 3rd DUI

From WGNS Radio

A Murfreesboro man faces DUI charges after a Cannon County deputy investigating a wreck found him lying in a creek bed surrounded by dogs.
According to police reports, Deputy Chip Avera was dispatched to Seals Hollow Road near Woodbury for a one vehicle accident involving a 1997 grey Buick registered to Michael or Vivian Hoover. Upon arrival to the scene, Deputy Avera noticed no one was in the vehicle. He also noticed beer cans in the passenger floor board.
A volunteer emergency worker who was assisting at the scene told Avera that a man who appeared intoxicated was walking down the road a few tenths of a mile away. The deputy went in search of the man and found him lying on the creek embankment surrounded by several dogs. The man had a laceration and knot on his forehead, and was having trouble getting up the creek bank.  ….MORE

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